Our Publishers

Apple Leaf Books (Paula Vince)

Paula is a South Australian author of both fantasy YA novels and contemporary, inspirational fiction. She lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, with its four distinct seasons, and loves to use her environment as settings for her stories. Her novel, Picking up the Pieces won the religious fiction section of the International Book Awards in 2011, and Best Forgotten was winner of the CALEB prize the same year. She is also one of the four authors of The Greenfield Legacy, Australia's first and only collaborated Christian novel.

Armour Books

Armour Books is an independent publisher based in Queensland, Australia. The company specialises in unusual and wonder-evoking books exploring the intersection of faith, mathematics and literature.

Beautiful Books

Beautiful Books is an independent publishing company, based in Perth, Western Australia. We focus on producing inspirational and visually stunning books.

Boom Tree Publishing (Rosie Boom)

Rosie Boom lives with her husband Chris and their six children on a lifestyle block in rural New Zealand. Her first series, The Gift of Values, reflects Rosie's passion for family and is a resource to help and inspire parents in the challenging task of raising Godly children. In the multi-award-winning series, The Barn Chronicles, Rosie writes about the Boom family's fun and adventures as they make their home in a 99-year-old barn. Rosie writes from the heart with humour, warmth and passion.

Breath of Fresh Air Press

Breath of Fresh Air Press is a new publisher of encouraging, inspiring, fun and fresh fiction and non-fiction. Based in Sydney, Australia, this new publisher loves to make people smile and bless their hearts. Not too heavy, not too light - Breath of Fresh Air books are just right.

Crooked Nose Wisdom (Cameron Semmens)

The in-house publishing arm of Cameron Semmens: poet, entertainer and poetry educator. Specialising in poetry-based books that explode into other genres - kids books, gift books, day brighteners, flash fiction, creative resources for schools, creative resources for the Christian community... as well as the odd, straight-up book of poems. For more information download the Crooked Nose Wisdom's catalogue.

Even Before Publishing

Even Before Publishing (EBP) is an independent Christian publisher in Australia that published over 70 books from 2009- 2014. EBP has many books that can be used as evangelical tools, to support new Christians, fictional works, children's books and some more theological or academic Christian books.

Firewheel Press

Firewheel Press is a boutique Australian publisher with an eye for unique and beautiful products that inspire creativity and bring people closer to God. We publish the exquisite ‘Lorien Illustrations’ books and cards based around Scripture verses. For more information download the Firewheel Press Catalogue.

Golden Grain Publishing

Golden Grain Publishing established in 1998 to meet the need of publishing Australian Christian Fiction – a gap in the market at that time. Golden Grain Publishing were responsible for launching two of Australia's favourite Christian Fiction authors. Golden Grain Publishing have always worked closely with the Australian Christian book publishing and distribution networks and have enjoyed a good working relationship with the industry as a whole.

Hive Resources

Bringing Sweet Resources to a Busy Church

The Hive is a small group of practitioners who are producing resources out in the field, who want to make those resources available to the wider church. We aim to make The Hive a base where people can come and find sweet resources for ministry. Since everyone in Ministry is as busy as a bee, we want to bring you quick and easy, 'pre-consumed' resources you can use with little preparation.

Jenny Glazebrook

Jenny Glazebrook writes inspirational fiction for young adults and is now publishing her Aussie Sky Series. This series includes six novels about a lovable ex-circus family and the lives they touch. Each novel focuses on a different member of the unusual, horse-crazy Clements family, their struggle to fit into everyday Aussie life and their relationship with God. Blaze in the Storm was a finalist in the CALEB unpublished manuscript competition for faith inspired writing. It will be closely followed by the release of the next five novels in the series. More details about Jenny's books can be found on her website: www.jennyglazebrook.com.

Jenny Marsland

Jenny lives with her husband of 38 years in Sydney. They have three adult children and two grandchildren. Jenny is a counsellor and a trained nurse and currently is doing her Masters in counselling. She writes to inspire and encourage the broken-hearted.

Oil of Joy Press

Oil of Joy Press was founded in 2015 by award-winning New Zealand author, Lisa Taylor. As certified pastoral sex addiction specialists, Lisa and her husband write and speak to Christians on the topic of God’s plans for marriage and the family, including His ability to forgive, heal and redeem in those situations where His children have fallen. Their message to the church is both challenging and uplifiting, grace-filled and no-nonsence, as they tackle subjects that the church has traditionally shied away from.

Rhiza Press

Rhiza Press has grown out of Wombat Books. Rhiza aims to publish exceptional stories and deliver to our readers fresh, family friendly titles in a wide variety of genres for people who love books. Rhiza Press is focused on publishing a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles for age 13 and above.

Rosalie Follett

Rosalie Follett was living in Adelaide when her husband died quite unexpectedly in 2005 after thirty three years of marriage. She was (and is) a Christian grief counsellor. In Grace in Grief, she tells with honesty her story of struggle and faith as she deals with all-consuming loss. Rosalie has three adult daughters, two sons-in-law and three grandsons. In 2009 she re-married and is now known as Rosalie Cowley – still living in Adelaide.

Signs Publishing

Signs Publishing has been publishing and printing Christian, health and lifestyle books and magazines since 1885. Based in Melbourne, our long tradition continues, offering life-changing books and resources relevant to today's world, with a particular focus on health, children's resources and teen issues.

TAOC: The Art of Conversation

TAOC® is a best-selling, award winning series that has been professionally researched and developed to revive The Art Of Conversation® and promote stronger, happier relationships. For more information download the The Art of Conversation catalogue or visit their website www.taoc.com.au

Vikki Roubin

Born in England in 1968, Victoria graduated from the QLD Conservatorium in 1992 with a Bachelor of Music in Voice. After completing an award-winning thesis, she lectured, taught and performed for 26 years. More recently her work evolved to incorporate vocal therapy which in turn led her to complete a Masters of Counselling in 2013. Aside to this, her life has been strongly shaped by a longstanding battle with mental illness something she refers to as Wobbliness. Undiagnosed and largely unsupported for many years, it left her feeling desperately misunderstood, deeply isolated and altogether different from the ‘Normal People’.

In 2010, after a long recovery process, Victoria completed her memoir Wobbly: One Woman’s Journey to Onward and Upward which was published shortly after. In 2011 the book earned itself The Caleb Award for best memoir. 

Wombat Books

Wombat Books is an independent publisher creating quality books to respect life, in all its forms. We publish books with new and established authors. They have a particular interest in Australian books. Wombat Books was founded by Rochelle Manners, director and publisher, in 2009.

Words & Music Press (Ruth Bonetti)

Through Words & Music Press imprint, Ruth Bonetti has published the books she needed as a teenager, university student, musician and fledgling teacher! She approaches music performance, practice and preparation from over thirty years as a professional musician, teacher and speaker – and as a mother. An M.Mus performance graduate from University of Queensland and examiner for the Australian Music Examinations Board, Ruth taught at Queensland Conservatorium of Music for 15 years. Her teaching and presentations in Australia, Britain, USA, Germany, Sweden and France, enhance finesse and confidence for those who perform via words or music.