Without Me?

Without Me?

Wombat Books

ISBN 9781921632532

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Have you ever felt like running away? In Without Me? a small child resolves to runaway but minute-by-minute reasoning raises questions about the impact. Gradually reneging he begins a pied piper walk resulting in all he ran from joining him. A humorous story that confirms the message: we belong in family.

Much happens in a growing child's mind as they navigate their identity and process emotion.•À_•À__•À_•À____•À_•À__•À_•À__•À_•À__•À_•À____Without Me?•À_•À__•À_•À____•À_•À__•À_•À__•À_•À__•À_•À____introduces escapism and decision reasoning. It is a light-hearted story with an important message of security-belonging. Children will enjoy relating to being a small but significant part of a family.