Jules Verne’s Mikhail Strogoff

Publication Date: 1 Jan. 2017
Format: Hardback
Eagle Books

ISBN 9780994234001

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    Superb hand numbered collectible illustrated hardcover limited edition, with many embellishments including many black and white illustrations, coloured endpapers, gold-edged pages, and satin bookmark Russia, late 19th century. The Empire is in great peril, and only one man can save it: the bold and resourceful young messenger Mikhail Strogoff. In a desperate race against time, he must face great dangers if he is to deliver his warning, as foreign armies mass on the border and a traitor lurks ready to strike. But is it already too late? The first full English translation in over a hundred years of legendary author Jules Verne's thrilling adventure novel, which in his native France is judged to be his greatest work. Suitable for readers 11 and up, including adults.