We know the phrase 'Don’t judge a book by its cover', but that’s exactly what your readers will be doing if your book is on the shelf.

When you’ve worked tirelessly on your manuscript, it’s hard to accept that a reader won’t be won over by its merit, but rather by whatever image is on the front cover. However, in today’s market, the first thing that captivates our senses is the book’s cover design. It will provide the first impression of your work and therefore, is the most essential.

It’s true: people refuse to pick up a book with an ugly cover, even if the quality of the writing inside is ‘Nobel-worthy’. Would you eat unripe-looking fruit or wear grandma-styled clothes? The answer is no. Therefore, your novel cannot be presented to the reader in an unattractive way. As an author, you should think of your book cover as your ‘brand-image’: a billboard promoting what you and your book are about. You could almost call it advertising, as it makes your book stand out from the hundreds of others on the shelf.

The book cover is an important marketing tool that should be designed professionally. The purpose of the cover is for people to: 1) Notice the book; 2) Pick the book up;  3) Read the blurb; 4) Hopefully purchase it.

This is exactly what an author wants. And if the book cover instigates this and you are self publishing, wouldn’t it be smart to invest some time, money and thought into it?